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Beneluxvet B.V. policy statement

Beneluxvet B.V. considers it its mission to contribute to the societal importance of sustainability by encouraging and facilitating the reuse of fats and oils, in such a way that it serves the business interest of the company’s continuity by continuing to generate profit and employment for its employees.

In drafting and implementing the general company policy, the management of Beneluxvet B.V. will focus its efforts on achieving and maintaining a high-quality organisation in order to ensure that agreements made with all stakeholders are fulfilled and applicable laws and regulations are complied with. With regard to its products, it will lay down the conditions and quality requirements for the respective products. This is to ensure the continuity of Beneluxvet B.V.

Beneluxvet B.V. will continuously act soundly and innovatively in all its segments in order to:
  • continue to comply with external quality requirements and applicable laws and regulations;
  • continue to meet the requirements of our stakeholders;
  • continue to improve customer satisfaction;
  • maintain its good name.
The management of Beneluxvet B.V. shall, in all aspects of the company, focus its policy on the quality of the supplied product and safe working conditions for its employees. In doing so, it shall adopt a working method and encourage behaviour such that the product meets the set requirements and personal injury and/or damage to the health of employees is prevented. The policy is based on the following principles:
  • it is appropriate for the purpose and context of the organisation;
  • it supports the company’s strategic direction;
  • it maintains compliance with current laws and regulations relating to products, business processes and working conditions;
  • it pursues continuous improvement of the quality management system.
Beneluxvet B.V. will use or provide all necessary resources to enforce this policy:
  1. Pre-determined actions will be performed according to the process descriptions in the quality system, which will be updated regularly and on which basis regular audits of those actions will be carried out. In addition, those actions will be checked against the applicable rules regarding occupational health and safety, the environment and any other requirements in force.
  2. To support this policy, a clear budget containing the allocated amounts will be available to ensure optimal deployment of people and resources at all times.
  3. Beneluxvet B.V. will remain in continuous dialogue with all its stakeholders in order to:
  4. analyse and evaluate identified risks relating to customer satisfaction, working conditions and the environment;
  5. assess relevant new and future developments;
  6. investigate new methods and techniques.
Every employee is expected to act in accordance with the quality system and to make an active contribution to the implementation of the Beneluxvet B.V. policy, within the framework of their position, responsibilities, rights and duties, as well as generally accepted practices. 

Dronten, September 2022

The Management Board