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How we work

Beneluxvet B.V. focuses on processing used frying oils and fats into raw materials for the technical, chemical and biodiesel industries in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.
Residual materials from various food production processes and households are cleaned and blended to specification into special raw materials for various forms of biodiesel production. We ensure that the raw materials are fully suitable for our buyers’ production process. Sustainability, recycling and environmental awareness are at the heart of our entire process. In this way, Beneluxvet B.V. provides a professional service for storing and disposing of used oils and fats, and their  packaging, for recycling that best suits your business. Beneluxvet B.V. are also the right people to contact for emptying and cleaning your grease separator or fat trap.

Why recycle?

Firstly, collecting these used fats and oils saves considerable costs for municipalities and water treatment plants. It is still all too common for used frying and cooking fats to be flushed down the drain. As long as it is still slightly warm, the fat will flow away, but as soon as it cools down (below 25°C), the material will start to solidify or become viscous. The fat accumulates in the sewage system and, in time, this can cause blockages and major damage. If the used fat ends up in the water treatment plant, a similar problem can occur. In addition to the clogging that occurs, the bacteria that purify the water also die due to the excessive amount of oil and fat.  Recycling used frying and cooking fats creates a material flow that can be used for multiple applications.

Applications include:

  • Processing into transport fuel: used frying fat can be processed into biodiesel through a refining process. This fuel can be used in engines from large to small. This biofuel is used for cars, trucks, ships and even aircraft.
  • Processing into heating fuel: the biofuel from used frying fat is ideal for use in larger heating systems. These types of heating systems can be found in agriculture and horticulture, for example to heat greenhouses.
  • Processing into fuel for propulsion: there are several industries in which propulsion engines are used. Biofuel can also be used for this type of engine.
  • Processing for use in cosmetic products: used oils and fats are also used as a basic raw material to produce all kinds of soaps and creams.
  • Processing into lubricant: lubricants are used in various applications to improve mechanical movements. Used frying and cooking fats can also be used as a raw material for this type of lubricant.
In addition to collecting used frying fat and emptying and cleaning grease separators, Beneluxvet is also your partner for the disposal of Waste residue and Food waste.